U.S. Israel Education Association is co-hosting and facilitating the first-ever Israeli-Palestinian International Economic Forum in Jerusalem together with the Judea Samaria Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JSC). The Forum will help accelerate a grassroots integrated business initiative that has been growing over the last eighteen months.

The West Bank is poised to emerge as the immediate region’s most innovative economy. The Jewish and Palestinian business leaders who founded the Judea Samaria Chamber are leading this initiative that seeks to normalize relations between Jews and Palestinians through joint economic ventures. Several ventures provide innovative models that demonstrate how it will significantly improve the quality of life for all people in this region by providing equal salaries, benefits, and advancement opportunities.

Business Opportunities

The International Economic Forum aims to take integrated business in the region to a whole new level. High-level Israeli, Palestinian, U.S. and international business leaders and government officials are pursuing shared objectives through this forum. The Forum will present and evaluate business opportunities in Technology, Industry and Energy, the Environment, Tourism, and Transportation, and Water and Waste.

There will be an extraordinary opportunity during the Forum to bring together the Palestinian community leaders (known as mukhtars). It will provide an environment for them to interact with each other and to respond to the Forum’s initiative.

USIEA Uniquely Positioned

USIEA is uniquely positioned to bring this forum together through connections with all of the participants. We are committed to facilitating the Economic Forum as a way to bridge political divides. It will help to build strategic relationships and provide a relevant perspective to leaders in the U.S. and Israel.  The result will undoubtedly be lessening of tensions and will contribute to peace and stability through a grassroots, people to people movement.