Congressional Tours  

USIEA sponsors advanced educational tours to Israel for senior members of Congress. During the tours, Members visit the two primary security fronts of Judea and Samaria (West Bank). They are not allowed to visit these areas on U.S. government sponsored tours and therefore have limited knowledge on the complex realities of the region. Through our Congressional tours, we enhance understanding and cooperation in the areas of defense, security, technology, economics, and public opinion. The Members’ firsthand experiences provide them with vital information on:

  • Modern Israel in the context of the region’s history
  • The developing Israeli Defense Missile Systems that are part of the U.S.-Israel collaboration
  • Congressional foreign aid to Israel and the Palestinian Authority
  • Emerging security technology
  • The Integrated Business Initiative, meeting Israeli and Palestinian leaders who are working together to improve the economy of the West Bank

All USIEA congressional tours are reviewed and approved in advance by the House and Senate Ethics Committees. Per Ethics requirements, USIEA cannot designate financial contributions toward a Congressional tour.