The first day of the Israeli-Palestinian International Economic Forum in Jerusalem finished just a few hours ago.

The Economic Forum is about launching and promoting economic opportunities in the West Bank. It is also about a sustainable future, free trade between neighbors and about good relationships.

Judea Samaria Chamber co-founder Av Zimmerman said, “The JSC, along with U.S. Israel Education Association (USIEA), initiated the Israeli Palestinian International Economic Forum that will promote business opportunities for all residents in the region. The process we launch today begins with developing an inventory of projects in the fields of tech, industry, tourism, environment, energy, and infrastructure.”

Heather Johnston, speaking on behalf of USIEA, said, “In partnering with the JSC, we are doing what we can to help Israelis and Palestinians in the West Bank seize upon existing opportunities to build a promising and sustainable economic future.”

Chamber co-founder, Ashraf Jabari, told the audience,  “We must first create good links and good relationships not just in the West Bank but all over Israel so we can achieve our desired goal.”

Moshe Lev-Ran, International Export Manager of Twitoplast Ltd. spoke about the value of Israelis and Palestinians working together. “Every worker in our plant is like family,” he said, going on to tell how the company cared for one Palestinian family whose daughter had cancer.

The impact of the Israeli-Palestinian International Economic Forum is just beginning. Be sure to check back here for more on tomorrow’s program and content.