What Has Been Accomplished 

Together, USIEA and congressional leaders have seen significant accomplishments through legislative action that have furthered U.S.-Israel relationships.

  1. USIEA took the first members of Congress to see Iron Dome Defense Missile System and worked with them in efforts that contributed to the tripling of the Congressional budget to Iron Dome from $230 million to $960 million
  2. USIEA helped Congress understand the systemic problem with Palestinian Incitement to terror through their educational programs that influenced slashing of the Congressional budget from $370 million to $290 million
  3. USIEA also facilitated educational briefings that brought about the passage of the Palestinian Accountability Act which prohibits any U.S. government document from referring to any region under Palestinian Authority control as “Palestine” until the Palestinian Authority meets standards that include:
    • Recognizing Israel’s right to exist
    • Ending corruption
    • Dismantling terrorist infrastructure
    • Ending incitement to violence in PA media
    • Excluding Hamas from participating in a unity government