Our organization, U.S. Israel Education Association (USIEA) is providing some answers to these important questions.

  • Caesarea

  • Dead Sea

  • Jewish Cemetery on Mount of Olives

  • Jordan River

  • Qumran Caves containing the Dead Sea Scrolls

  • Sea of Galilee

USIEA is the only organization taking groups of Congressmen through Judea and Samaria Learn More


The U. S. Israel Education Association (USIEA) is a nonpartisan, educational organization dedicated to serving and educating governmental leaders who are directly involved in advancing important dialogue between the United States and Israel, particularly related to regional complexities regarding modern and biblical Israel.


Through the efforts of USIEA to serve and educate governmental leaders via up-to-date briefings, forums, and visits to Israel, the vision of USIEA is that open lanes of communication will be fostered and demographic realities and current complexities will be more clearly understood, leading to enhanced US/Israeli relationships and informed decision making among the legislative leaders.

Core Values

The USIEA values the Judeo-Christian heritage and the historical and spiritual significance of Israel.

What Do We Do?

USIEA helps educate US Members of Congress about Israel by sponsoring and leading educational seminars to Israel that provide briefings by experts on Middle East affairs, meetings with Israeli political elite, and firsthand, experiential tours of Israel featuring Judea, Samaria, and the city of Jerusalem. USIEA also offers congressional educational programming in Washington, DC.

"It was valuable to visit places and see areas of Israel I have never seen before, nor would I on other traditional Congressional trips to Israel." Congressional trip participant


USIEA encourages Members of Congress to discover and succeed at their legislative vision. We provide two primary lanes of education:



USIEA educates on Capitol Hill by conducting briefings and forums for the purpose of conveying the most current information on subjects related to U.S.- Israel relations.


These missions are comprised of guided tours through Judea and Samaria while fostering relationships between American leaders and key Israeli leaders to open communication for potential governmental collaboration.

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This is just the beginning.

USIEA works with organizations that are dedicated to bolstering a strong U.S.-Israel relationship. We help connect Members with specialists and research organizations that are congruent with their legislative lanes of action. USIEA has the capacity to connect Members with strategic relationships in Israel that can serve as practical reinforcement to their efforts. At the forefront of all educational efforts, USIEA has found that meaningful action is initiated and sustained through personal relationship.